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Dogging and Outdoor Sex
12.13.05 (6:59 am)   [edit]

Hot dogging and outdoor sex pictures from a UK dogging locations. This posh wife looked so decent and the doggers waited in the car park never thought that she is into swinging. But to everyone's suprise this lovely blonde did the kinkiest car park dogging we have ever captured on film. Check out this sweet blode dogging babe by yourself.

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The second babe Nikki was outdoor in the woods fingering her pussy when an unsuspecting dogger spotted her. Soon it was an outdoor blowjob sex fest in the woods. See the hardcore dogging and outdoorsex pics by yourself.  Don't forget to visit the link at the bottom of the page which leads to her uncut hardcore dogging videos.

Car Park Dogging
11.05.05 (9:57 pm)   [edit]

Dogging is getting crazy in UK. Car park dogging is one of the most popular form of dogging among UK swingers. Its slowly spreading on to other countries as well.

Have you ever head moans from the corner of the car park in your favourite mall?

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It could be a hot dogging slut giving blow job to a buch of lucky doggers ringht in the car park. Even posh wives from rich family indulge in car park dogging to spice-up their swinging sex life. Next time when you hear husky voices and moans under the dim light of a car park, go and watch. If you are a lucky fucker you could get a nice blowjob from one of those car park dogging sluts like the one above.


05.12.05 (6:45 am)   [edit]

In UK Dogging is the latest craze among swingers. New hot dogging site with uk dogging sex pics and uk dogging videos Dogging Uncovered is a sensation on internet. What is uk dogging? Swingers in UK dogging group goes to public dogging locations and the female uk dogging club members enjoy sex with toal stragers. The female members of UK Dogging clubs even suck strangers cock right infront of their husbands and other uk dogging swingers. UK dogging is the craziest shit I have ever seen. And now you can watch all the nasty secrets uk dogging at,

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05.01.05 (12:27 am)   [edit]

Welcome to DOGGING Sex!
Dogging refers to public sex especially having sex with total strangers. Orginally started in UK dogging is a craze among swingers and cheating wives and girls friends. Dogging also involves voyeur and swinger where you go out to a dogging locatation and honry girls out there give public blowjobs to strangers and other swingers. In uk dogging is a real craze among swingers and drunk girls.

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Watch nasty girls friends and cheating wives in dogging sex when their boyfriends are away. These swinger girls can't resist the excitment they get in dogging locations when they suck stranger's cocks. See secret hidden cameras captured dogging action from UK. American dogging is coming soon. Stay tuned for more dogging pics and dogging videos.